A complete point of sale & accounting software system for the Welding Supply, Industrial Gas, and Rental Equipment industries.


INFONETICS has served the independent welding supply and compressed gas distributor community since 1984—and we're just getting started.


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INFORRMS: The INFOnetics Retail/Rental Management System

The software you rely on to power your business has a new name.  Since we released INFONETICS, our signature collection of point-of-sale, accounting, inventory, and rental modules, 36 years ago, it and our company have always shared a name. But as INFONETICS — the software — has evolved and INFONETICS …

G Suite User Account Addition/Deletion Policy Change

As you know, we're constantly reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we're exceeding industry best practices for user management, security, and service. As part of that review process, we have determined that we can no longer allow end-users to create, delete, or suspend G Suite/Gmail accounts on their own, as …

Spam Reports, Bounces, and Blanks, Oh My!

Bad addresses, problems with the recipient’s email system, and recipients accidentally marking emails as spam are some of the most common reasons why INFOMAILs can fail to reach their intended recipient. Luckily, they’re also some of the easiest problems to fix, using the tools provided by Sendgrid, the system INFOMAIL …


"I always try to let the companies we work with know when I feel their employees have provided excellent service... I wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure working with Dustin over the years, as well as with Luke the past few months. They have both provided incredible service and have been excellent representatives of the company. Your company has always been there when we needed you."

- J. Wilson
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