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INFONETICS has served the independent welding supply and compressed gas distributor community since 1984—and we're just getting started.


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A Good Backup Routine is Your Data’s Best Friend

Other than remembering to pay the electric bill, backups are probably the most important thing you can do to protect your data.  ERAM — Electronic Random Access Memory, better known as “Memory Sticks”, "Flash Drives", and "Thumb Drives" — offer large storage capacities in conveniently portable packages. Thanks to their …

We’re Open for Business to Help You Stay Open for Business

As a business that supports other businesses, we here at INFONETICS know that you depend on us to help keep your business up and running. We want to reassure you that INFONETICS is committed to remaining staffed and open for business during this extraordinary time.  We've made preparations to guard …

INFORRMS: The INFOnetics Retail/Rental Management System

The software you rely on to power your business has a new name.  Since we released INFONETICS, our signature collection of point-of-sale, accounting, inventory, and rental modules, 36 years ago, it and our company have always shared a name. But as INFONETICS — the software — has evolved and INFONETICS …


"I always try to let the companies we work with know when I feel their employees have provided excellent service... I wanted to tell you that it has been a pleasure working with Dustin over the years, as well as with Luke the past few months. They have both provided incredible service and have been excellent representatives of the company. Your company has always been there when we needed you."

- J. Wilson
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