INFONETICS Network Monitor System

Know when there’s trouble on your network before it hurts your bottom line.

Your network and the devices on it are crucial to your business. Every time they go down, it means lost productivity and opportunities. The sooner you know about network trouble, the faster you can respond to it and be back up and running.

The INFONETICS Network Monitor System (NMS) provides 24/7 monitoring of the devices on your network, and proactive notifications from our expert support technicians when those devices aren’t reachable. It can even let you know when your Internet is down.

Our experienced support technicians install and configure the system to the specifics of your network and the devices you want monitored, and provide expert analysis in addition to trouble alerts, reducing false alarms and identifying potential network trouble spots before they become a problem.

Using either a standalone network appliance attached to your network or running on a compatible, always-on Windows PC you already have, the INFONETICS Network Monitor System (NMS) brings you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that when there’s trouble on your network, you’ll know about it when it happens, and can respond to it before that trouble costs you business. 

Affordable & Reliable 24/7 Proactive Network Monitoring

  • 24/7 Network Device Monitoring
  • Turnkey, hand’s-off solution
  • Proactive alerts direct from our expert technicians
  • Affordable monthly service fee
  • Respond to network problems quicker
  • Identify consistent network trouble spots

INFONETICS Network Monitoring System (NMS)

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Did You Know?

INFONETICS uses the Network Monitor System (NMS) for faster outage response time and to maximize network, Internet, and website uptimes.