A Customer Story: The INFORRMS Serial Number System

Posted May 2021

When South Park Welding Supplies in Marysville, Michigan, went looking for a solution to help them keep track of their cylinders and get control of their rental business, they turned to INFONETICS INFORRMS’s Serial Number System. After a year of use, they are more certain than ever they made the right choice.

South Park’s Stephanie Darczy says they considered two different cylinder tracking systems after they made the decision to move away from their existing inaccurate and time-consuming manual tracking process a year ago. In the end they went with INFONETICS’ solution thanks to its tight integration with INFONETICS INFORRMS, the software they’ve depended on for years. 

After adopting the INFONETICS Serial Number System, their drivers and customers have more accountability. Cylinders are recorded more accurately than by hand, and now they know exactly how many cylinders are in circulation — and it’s all recorded in INFORRMS in real time. 

“We have much more confidence in the numbers,” Stephanie says. “It’s really changed the way our drivers work, and the way we track cylinders, for the better. Drivers pick up the scanning process very easily, and the hardware is very reliable.”