OKI Data Printers: Going, Going… Gone (Any Day Now)

Posted May 2021

Last year, OKI Data announced they were pulling out of the Americas and would no longer sell printers in the United States as of March 2021. Well, that time has come, and gone, and it’s now almost impossible to find a new OKI Data printer anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.  


We’ve managed to snag a limited number of INFORRMS-compatible OKI Data OKIPage printers, on hand and ready to ship. So if you’re looking for an additional printer, a replacement, or a spare, give us a call before they’re all gone. 

(Worried that you won’t be able to use your OKI Data printers much longer? No need. OKI Data will continue making toner cartridges and other consumables for the near future, and we’ll be able to get them to you as always.)