INFONETICS and BitDefender: Keeping You Protected

Protect your PCs against Viruses and Malware with BitDefender and INFONETICS

Viruses. Malware. Trojan horses. Rootkits. Spyware. Ransomware. These are just some of the threats computers face every second of every day. It’s no wonder virus protection is no longer an option — especially when the safety of your business’s computers and data is concerned.

BitDefender brings award winning enterprise-level virus and malware protection to the small business desktop.

Running on your PC in the background, BitDefender’s virus protection automatically blocks and contains threats, kills malicious processes, and rolls back any changes. Real-time threat monitoring looks deep into running processes and email for signs of attack and stops viruses in their tracks — before they can do harm. BitDefender also lets you restrict what websites users are allowed to visit, providing an extra layer of protection.

INFONETICS offers hand’s-off turnkey BitDefender solutions, with remote installation and configuration, and ongoing expert management and support. Our master administration dashboard lets INFONETICS tune and manage your protection settings for you, and real-time reports let us proactively respond to virus reports and make sure any threat to your PC is contained. 

With affordable per-PC licensing, and INFONETICS legendary support, your systems are protected from today’s and tomorrow’s threats.

BitDefender, INFONETICS, and You adds up to Safe Computing

  • Always-on, real-time threat detection
  • Active and passive virus, malware, email, and browser protection
  • Restrict access to unsafe and distracting web sites
  • Fully automated updates and built-in AI-based defense systems protect for known and new threats alike
  • Turn-key installation, and proactive expert management by INFONETICS for a hand’s-off experience
  • Affordable per-system licensing

Get World Class Virus Protection Today

Call 1.614.875.2006 or email to find out how INFONETICS can get you up and running with fully managed, award-winning virus and malware protection from BitDefender today.

Did You Know?

According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), the first computer virus, a boot sector virus called "Brain," was developed in 1986. Tired of customers pirating software from their shop, two brothers claim to have designed the virus to infect the software thieves' floppy disks.