2001 Users Group Plays to a Packed House

Posted July 2001

Led by INFONETICS President David Frea, the 2001 User’s Group proved to be another productive and informative gathering of customers, friends, and employees of INFONETICS. Held on June 25th at the Grove City, Ohio facility, this year’s User’s Group explored a wide variety of topics ranging from iCat-internet catalogs to PC networking to e-commerce to the INFONETICS Accounting Suite and beyond.

With customers representing the welding supply and industrial gas industry, rental equipment companies, the propane industry, and steel suppliers the group proved to be diverse and productive. In addition, INFONETICS had the good fortune of hosting friends of the company from the wholesale industry and from one of the industry’s trade associations. All in all, the mix of customers and invited guests fostered a wide variety of topics and proved to be quite a brainstorming session!

In future months you too will have a chance to visit the INFONETICS facility and play your part in shaping the way our software works in your company. INFONETICS training sessions are being scheduled again, and in fact, if you explore this newsletter a little further you’ll find that the newest training session (Cylinder Control & Serial Number Tracking) is already accepting registration forms.