Building Update

Posted May 1999
Just a quick update on what’s going on with the new INFONETICS building.The exterior walls are up, along with the roof, and the framework for the interior walls are progressing nicely.  We had a few problems with the placement of the electrical outlets on the blueprints which led to a short meeting with our builder.  After working out all the kinks, David and Jim Frea went over to the construction site to mark exactly where we wanted all the outlets.  Of course, they were soon to discover that the electrician had already been there and had run most of the wires!  But our builder, being a great guy, had it all taken out so it could be run to our specs.  Then over the past two cold and rainy weekends, David, Jeff, Bryan, Loel, Grant, and Christina, ran more than a mile of computer cabling (No kidding – they ran 6000 feet!).  At this point it appears that we are just about ready for the drywallers to come in.

We have all been contributing to choosing carpet, tile, paint, etc. in trying to come up with an overall design scheme.  Of course, with 10 people involved, we are coming up with 10 different ideas of what everything should look like.  David, being the crazed Ohio State fan that he is, is likely to approve only a scheme that includes Scarlet and Gray.

Next week, Mary and Jim Frea will be traveling to various vendors who provide office modular systems (yes, cubicles) and furniture.  If anyone has experience with picking these out, please contact us.  Any and all helpful hints will be greatly appreciated.

We will keep you informed as to our moving date (currently projected as late July) so that there will be a smooth transition between the old office and the new.