From the President’s Console: April 1998

Posted April 1998

We’re trying something different this month.
In the past, we’ve always typeset this newsletter using a typical desktop publishing program (in our case, Aldus’ Pagemaker). Then, we’d painstakingly convert it to “HTML” (hyper-text markup language) for posting on our web site. This month we’ve decided to go straight to the “web” version, hopefully saving ourselves conversion time. That of course is why we’re so late in getting the newsletter out this month! Hopefully though, the things we learned this time will pay off in quicker typesetting in the future.

The real trick is in making the final document presentable as a printed newsletter for mailing. The Internet/World Wide Web is an “on-screen/visual” world, much different than the classic paper publishing world. No page headers or footers, and basic pagination tools are quite crude in HTML. However, with a little creativity and patience you can put together an acceptable web page that comes across well on screen and on paper.

I hope we’ve managed that this time.

A quick update on our latest update; version 2.19A has been mailed to our Beta testers and should be ready to ship to everyone else shortly. Watch next month’s newsletter for an official announcement.

I’d also like to welcome Carol and Vic of Industrial Air Products in Naples, FL as new customers. Glad to have you up and running.

–David J Frea