From the President’s Console: August 1998

Posted August 1998

Fall is on us, with winter bearing down hard right behind it.  Friday night high school football, and Saturday afternoons with Buckeye football here in central Ohio promise to turn a very busy summer into an unbelievably hectic fall, but we’ll get through it I’m sure.

As many of you are aware, we’ve recently enjoyed the good fortune of an overwhelming surge in demand for new systems and installations.  Two things have contributed to this;  First, good old fashioned hard work and marketing has put our name in front of more customers and prospects looking for systems. And second, some of these prospects are finally making the move as they see the year 2000 approach.  (Fortunately, the vast majority of our existing customers have already dealt with the Y2K issue.)

To deal with this increased demand we’ve beefed up our staff here with the addition of Rick Haas.  Rick joins us as an accomplished Web Master, having developed and maintained Universal Radio’s web site at  He also will be working in our tech support department with hardware assembly, configuration and repair.  Please take a moment to welcome him the next time you call in.

Jeff Roope will be refocusing his efforts in our marketing department.  Of course, that’s what put us in the growth position we’re in right now, good old-fashioned marketing.  He’ll be talking with new prospects and customers alike looking for new opportunities to serve you.

I’d like to welcome two new customers this month; Chuck & Betsy at Burton C. French in Mansfield, Ohio, and Ken & Becky at Wince Welding Supply in Newark, Ohio.  Welcome aboard!

–David J Frea

PS. I won’t gloat over the fact the the Ohio State Buckeyes come into the season ranked #1 in the country, any more so than I pouted last season when our arch-rival the University of Michigan finished up sharing the national championship.  How long we hold onto that #1 ranking is the big question.