From the President’s Console: December 2001

Posted December 2001

The end of another year is always such an interesting time. Holiday preparations occupy our attention, as well as the last minute rush to spend time with family and friends.

It’s also a favorite time for reflection on the accomplishments of the previous year, as well as promises for the new year. 2001 of course will live with us all, for an eternity. Events of September 11th rank with horrors from past decades equaled perhaps only by the Holocaust and Pearl Harbor.

The past year also marked the end of innocence for the “” phenomenon. In a blind rush of money and madness, otherwise cautious, sane, reasonable people invested untold millions (billions?) in unproven, unprofitable ventures, which subsequently collapsed. One prime example recently turned $1,000 into $2 in less than nine months. Only the stock broker came out on top in that fiasco.

Through all the turmoil, business persisted here at INFONETICS. The Y2K hangover of mid-2000 (when most businesses realized the world wasn’t going to stop after all) began easing early in 2001. Leftover projects were finished off, new software was introduced, new features designed and distributed, and new hardware developed. Best of all, our relationships with customers continued strong, and many new customers were welcomed to the INFONETICS family.

The new year is unfolding with renewed vigor as companies previously overwhelmed by our strong economy have had a chance to catch their breath and have begun planning for, and implementing systems, to support the coming recovery. We’re proud to say we’re ready to meet that demand with our best of breed software, services and personnel.

One of those services for which we sometimes garner little attention, is our web design and hosting. This month’s newsletter features an article on the topic. While “”ing is dead, the Internet is not, especially with INFONETICS as your trusted ally.

Traditionally, I welcome a new customer to the fold in my closing paragraph. This month however, I’d like to recognize the real strength of INFONETICS; our people. Jeff sets the stage with a great sales experience. Then Jim steps in and delivers wit, patience and tremendous knowledge and assistance as your installation progresses. Whether it’s software support from Phyllis, or hardware support from Daniel, you know you’ll be taken care of quickly and pleasantly. And that new guy, Jason, pops in from time to time to help with your Internet and PC issues. Later, you come to find out that Dawn is the real backbone to getting things done, especially when it comes to Forms, Faxing and Imaging. Karon is the detail specialist perfecting your web site. And how could we survive without Mary getting things in and out and paid for, all in half a day.

Me, I get to sit back, pontificate every now and then, and build neat things for you and your business. What could be better.

–David J Frea