From the President’s Console: February 1997

Posted February 1997

It seems like we’re just catching up after October’s NWSA annual convention, and the Spring Conferences are already starting! Jim Conlin is busy putting together our booth, checking it twice, packing it up, and hoping it all gets to New Orleans for the first show on time! Make sure to stop by and say hi.

While you’re there, take a closer look at our new Workstation/Internet products. In addition to our full suite of UNIX based custom accounting software, we’ll have live demonstrations of INFOACCESS, INFONET, Windows ’95 Faxing, Internet Web Browsing, and E-Mail. We’re also taking the wraps off our new Internet Web Site, so by all means, browse away!

On another hot topic, the historic database/machine concept we introduced in last month’s newsletter took off full steam this past month. Fueled by the new PentiumPRO, its turning in some stellar numbers. Check out some real world benchmarks in the article inside this month’s newsletter for a real eye-opener.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Jay, Debbie, Bob, Cindy, Tammy, Deann and Buz at James Supply in Pauls Valley, Oklahoma as new customers. Glad to have you on-line!

–David J Frea