From The President’s Console: January 1997

Posted January 1997

1997 Greetings,

Yes, a new year is on us already. And while, the last couple of weeks of ’96 gratefully quieted down for us (due to the holidays), it looks like ’97 is off to a rousing start.

We’re currently busy preparing quotes and proposals for our just announced Workstation/Internet products. In our November newsletter we featured our series of new software products. Well, the last couple of months have had the phones ringing off the hook! We’ve finished the basic R&D&D, (research, development and documentation), priced the packages, and have them ready for installation. See the listing on this page for a brief reprise of our lineup. And give us a call if you want to catch the initial wave.

Ramping up for this demand, we’ve hired another Internet Specialist here at INFONETICS; Greg Young. He’s barely settled into his desk, but feel free to give him a call and introduce yourself. He’s busy reading every stitch of documentation he can lay his hand on to bring himself up to speed, and I’m sure he could use a change of pace.

–David J Frea