From the President’s Console: January 2002

Posted January 2002

Business strategies continue to churn along. The alleged economic downturn appears to be more imagined than real, though we’re quite sure there are some genuine challenges scattered throughout the country. Layoffs from down-sized companies, especially those in the airline and travel industries, have made a dramatic, negative impact on some towns and businesses. But many continue to report sustained business levels, and some even a bit of an increase. The good news is a slow steady recovery appears to be headed our way.

Which means precious spare time is running out! Many companies implement major system enhancements, both computer and facilities, at the worst possible time; in the midst of boom times. We here at INFONETICS think the best time to undertake large structural change (like a new computer system) is when you’re not overwhelmed with demand for your core products and services.

If you already have your computer system of choice (an INFONETICS system of course), consider taking on a new facet. Is it time to get that Inventory Control issue dealt with? Or perhaps it’s time to introduce handheld computing in your delivery trucks. The Internet, and its inherent advantages can be exploited to lower your costs of doing business, both through better communications between your employees, customers and vendors, as well as dramatically less expensive communication links for your branches.

If you don’t have an INFONETICS system yet, what’s stopping you? The economy as an excuse won’t hold water much longer.

I’d like to welcome new customers from across the sunny south; Patricia & Nunny at Double S Welding Supply in Houston, and David, Laurie, and Michelle at Lake Welding Supply in Belle Glade, FL. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to serve you, especially at such an opportune time (it’s cold here in central Ohio, but warm and sunny down south).