From the President’s Console: July 1997

Posted July 1997

Well it’s done!

Version 2.19 is officially done, and ready for release! We’ve completed installation at our third beta test site, and are ready for general distribution. As with all INFONETICS software releases, there is NO CHARGE for the actual software enhancements, only our time involved in installing it on your system.

Initially, we’ll only be installing it on-site, and we expect it may take 4-5 hours. As we get the kinks worked out we hope to be able to offer upgrades by sending tapes out and loading it via modem thereby reducing the time involved.

Now’s the time to give us a call if you’d like to get on the upgrade list.

As if that isn’t enough work, we’ve also finished testing our newest PC/Workstation configuration. This system uses the latest in high speed Pentium CPU’s (200 mHz), large hard drives, and a new ATX style genuine motherboard from Intel. It’s a real screamer, and sets a new standard in desktop performance.

Looks like it could be a real busy summer for us installing new workstations, and our latest software update. See you ’round. 

–David J. Frea