From the President’s Console July 1998

Posted July 1998

They say that this column has been getting boring lately.

They say I haven’t talked about some of the other things going on in our lives around here, just work, work, work.  Well, with the way we’ve been swamped with work lately, that’s about all we’ve been able to think about!  I did make it out with Mary for another long distance bike ride.  We’ve got a tandem bicycle now, so I get to steer and let her pedal us up the hills. This time we rode the “Bogey Inn Ride”, a 60 mile ride through the heat of a July Sunday afternoon.  The payoff was a fine lunch at the Bogey Inn, famous for it’s location near the Murfield Golf Course.

My dreams for running in the Columbus Marathon though appear to have slid to the back burner this year.  While I’d made great strides in training for it, reality has set in, and I simply don’t have the 2-3 hours of free time a day to pursue this goal.  Maybe things will slow down, but probably not till after the year 2000.

And, while I wouldn’t want to speak for him, the next time you happen to speak to Jim Conlin, you might want to inquire as to what it means to be “Bare-Naked” in Columbus.

And, I’d like to welcome Kathy and Glen at North Little Rock Welding Supply in Arkansas as a new customer.

–David J Frea