From the President’s Console: July 2006

Posted July 2006

A number of things have happened in the year since we last published a newsletter…..

On the hardware front, our migration from SCO Unix to Linux as the server operating system of choice has continued strong with well over half our customers now proudly running RedHat Linux Enterprise Servers. Dramatic speed increases are one of the biggest reasons to upgrade, not to mention newer software enhancements and modules that exploit the additional security and capabilities of this new platform. If you haven’t made the jump yet, then the only question left to ask is “what are you waiting for?”.

Software developments have made even bigger strides with the imminent release of our latest Ver.2.21 upgrade. This is the first major software release in a number of years (though our minor software releases occur almost continuously) and sports a number of major new features including:

1) A nearly complete rewrite of the Serial Number System with expanded field sizes, embedded lot number, date & time sensitive tracking and greatly enhanced viewing capabilities. If you’re a serial number tracking devotee, or even more so, required to track lot numbers, then this will be a significant improvement to your system.

2) New printing and pagination tools that now allow you to scroll forward, backward, left, right and search within a printout on screen.

3) Our first new software module in many years, INFOMAIL, now brings integrated e-mailing capabilities directly into the heart of your INFONETICS system. Driven by the same imaging engine that powers our popular INFOPAGE forms imaging system, this new software package prepares an invoice as an email attachment known as “Acrobat PDF” to be instantly e-mailed directly from the server. INFOMAIL does for e-mailing what INFOFAX did for faxing.

Mobile computing is also on the forefront here at INFONETICS with the debut at the GAWDA Spring Management Conference of our new INFOPAD tablet PC. This ruggedized, portable, always-online, next generation mobile platform promises to revolutionize the way you approach automation of your route sales and delivery force.

As always, we’re glad you’ve placed your confidence in INFONETICS.

— David J. Frea