From the President’s Console: June 2004

Posted June 2004

Obviously, the big news of the last nine months was the rollout of our new line of Linux servers. These speed demons propelled performance of our system well beyond the 100 user point, into what truly is the domain of “enterprise” systems. And just as easily, this system scales down to an affordable platform that serves even the single-user market.

Paired hand-in-hand with the new Linux servers was a new software release, version 2.20. It too scales our software into enterprise installations by handling more warehouses, larger customer bases, and greater numbers of users and printers than ever before.

RITA+VPN technology (our Internet based branch office connectivity solution) has taken firm hold throughout our multi-branch customers, and has replaced almost all of the dedicated leased-line connections established over the last decade. This has also taken untold hours of patient work deploying new wide area networks on behalf of many of you.

Finally, we had another successful run of INFOGROUP training seminars over the past spring. There seems to be a never ending stream of new employees within our customers’ businesses that need educating, instructing, and advancement of their skills in their quest to get the most out of our software.

As you can see, we’ve been very busy over the last nine months bringing these new technologies to dozens of existing customers. If you haven’t taken the step yet, then now is the time. Call now to find out what upgrade options are best for you.

Work has begun too on one of our next big initiatives. INFONETICS has started marketing to specialty tool and fastener distributors, aka STAFDA. This dramatic expansion has grown from recognition that our software excels, not only at the management and tracking of industrial gas cylinders, but perhaps even better at management of inventory, point-of-sale and purchasing/replenishment. This new market represents the first significant expansion of our customer base in many years. Much hard work lies ahead as we gain a toehold and begin acquainting a whole new group of businesses with our best-of-breed software applications and unique “no-contract” approach to service and support. Let me be the first to welcome these new prospective customers to the INFONETICS family, and invite you to get to know us through this and following newsletters.

Finally, we have numerous new customers to welcome;

– Jim @ Casper’s Welding Equipment & Supply, Canfield, OH
– Joe, John & Lois @ G.T. Industries, Sulphur, LA
– Scott, Tom & Cathy @ Victor Welding Supply, Tulsa, OK
– Scott @ American Gases Corporation, Gurnee, IL

Welcome one and all!

–David J Frea