From the President’s Console: March 1997

Posted March 1997

The big news this month is; Phyllis is back!

As most of you’ll recall, Phyllis left us a little over a year ago to find a little less stressful life-style. Well, she’s come back, this time as Support Specialist. We’re especially pleased to have Phyllis back as she already has a wealth of existing INFONETICS software knowledge and experience. Please give her a call at her new office in Alabama (see accompanying article for details) and welcome her aboard.

The other big new is; our Web Site is done (for now)!

Look us up on the World Wide Web at It already contains all ’96 and ’97 newsletter articles, copies of our software literature, links to other interesting sites, and other little goodies for your enjoyment. Come back to visit frequently as we continue to add to and enhance the site. As you can see, we’re continuing to grow, with three new additions in overall customer support within the last six months. We appreciate the patience you all have shown us as we ramp up these new additions. And, like you, we’re looking forward to the improved level of service this staff will allow us to provide you with now and in the future. And, with our first baby steps on the Internet behind us, we’re likewise looking forward to applying some of our talent and experience to your needs. Give Alan or Greg a call if you’re ready to take those first steps. They can help you find your on-ramp to the Information Superhighway! 

–David J. Frea