From the President’s Console: May 2007

Posted May 2007

Spring has sprung here in central Ohio, and so have numerous new products.

A pair of significant enhancements are being readied for release in our next software update: Mouse/touch-enabling of our software, and handwriting/signature capture on delivery ticket images. This continues our strategy of taking the best of the text-oriented, “classic” user-interface so popular in INFONETICS programming, and marrying it with the best of the “graphical” features of Window’s PC’s. Both features are exposed further in this newsletter.

We’re also happy to report that the backlog of requests for Version 2.21, and INFOMAIL, our integrated emailing software module, has been whittled down and we’re now able to fill new orders. Over two-thirds of our installations have already upgraded to the Ver.2.21 software, while INFOMAIL is proving to be perhaps the most popular new software module we’ve ever released with over 25% of existing customers placing orders in the first few months. If you’ve been waiting for the early adopters to get all the kinks worked out, now is the time to get on the bandwagon and start enjoying the enhanced features of our latest effort.

Hardware has also taken a significant leap forward with the release of Intel’s new “Core 2 Duo” processor in our latest line of Linux servers. Coupled with the latest DQ965 chip-set based motherboard, this speedster boasts single-task benchmarks of 50% faster than the previous top-of-the-line Pentium 4. And its “dual core” nature brings the full power of two processors to bear on the multi-user demands placed on a server.

Many of you have already made the jump to our Linux platform, but for those who are still hanging on to your SCO Unix servers, IT’S TIME TO UPGRADE! With almost 4 years under our belts on the RedHat Linux operating system we can say with confidence that it is the best, most stable, secure, modern, hardware-friendly, server operating system available, bar none. Windows may rule the desktop, but Linux is the easy choice for the server.

Look for us on May 20/21 at the GAWDA Spring Management Conference in Phoenix, AZ (Contact Booth # 401) and get a preview of the exciting new software features.