From the President’s Console: October 1996

Posted October 1996

We hit the motherload. TWICE! All things happen for a reason, and as you learned from last months newsletter, we lost a couple of good people recently. Well, after weeks of interviews, we’ve hired not one, but two Internet Specialists! These guys come from radically different backgrounds, but both have excellent experiences in Customer Support, both hardware and software, and both have actively worked in the Internet field developing World Wide Web pages for clients. Jerome Freeman comes to us from his own web consultancy called WebMeister, where he crafted a number of Web sites for clients in the central Ohio area. He also has experience working on the help desk for a couple of different operations over the last few years. He really appears to enjoy the insides of the computer, and was busy fixing terminals and printers on his very first day.

Alan Laser (pronounced lacer) comes to us as a recent graduate from Notre Dame University, where he majored in Computer Applications and Philosophy. How’s that for a combination! While there he served as one of the Webmasters for N.D.’s web site and developed and maintained the Philosophy department’s pages. He also served as an instructor and consultant for faculty and students where he helped with over 20 different PC and Macintosh applications. He also developed an audio CD-ROM/multimedia player application for the Windows operating system which he distributed as shareware with over 10,000 copies distributed through the Internet!

You may have noticed a strong leaning towards the Internet in recent goings on here at INFONETICS. And that is by design. It’s our opinion that the Internet and (Electronic Commerce on it) present one of the most exciting and potentially rewarding opportunities in the computer industry in quite a while. We’re laying the groundwork now for you to take advantage of this new medium, as it develops. We WILL NOT of course de-emphasize our mainline Unix accounting software. And, ample evidence of this abounds from the recent developments of SCO-UNIX, to the new PentiumPRO┬« systems we’ve introduced.

However, we have put additional people and systems in place to allow us all to explore and capitalize on this new opportunity called the Internet. Each month, for the balance of the year, we will be spotlighting one piece of the Internet puzzle and what you need to be doing to get there. So follow along as we pave your on ramp to the Information Superhighway.

Of course, we’d like to specially welcome Jerome and Alan to the staff here at INFONETICS. We’ve been bragging about what great customers we have, so give them a call and make them welcome. We’d also like to welcome of Fred, Ron, Joe, Linda, Maria, Paula, Debi and Linda at Fitch Industrial & Welding Supply in Lawton, Oklahoma as new customers. Welcome aboard!

–David J. Frea