From the President’s Console: February 2001

Posted February 2001

Come one, come all! Plan now to come to the Windy City, Chicago, for the next INFOGROUP users group meeting. This popular series is returning to NWSA Spring Management Conferences venues for an all new discussion of INFONETICS offerings including our classic software, Internet Access strategies, Internet Web/Email hosting & design, and our most recent introduction, “iCat” the Internet Catalog.

While much development time and effort has been going into the release of “iCat”, we’re still hard at work in a number of other areas. From our hardware labs comes the implementation of one of the worlds fastest hard drive sub-systems. Incorporating state of the art in RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) technologies, this pair of hard drives mated to a high speed Ultra 160 SCSI controller gives some of the fastest data access we’ve seen, in a fault tolerant fashion. That means, one hard drive could fail, and your server will keep on going. In fact, during testing we actually pulled a hard drive out during a nightly database reorganization. And the server kept on running on it’s shadow drive without a hitch. Look for a full blown expose on this exciting new hardware in an upcoming newsletter.

Here’s looking forward to seeing you “on the road again”!

–David J Frea