G Suite User Account Addition/Deletion Policy Change

Posted December 2019
As you know, we’re constantly reviewing our policies and procedures to ensure we’re exceeding industry best practices for user management, security, and service. As part of that review process, we have determined that we can no longer allow end-users to create, delete, or suspend G Suite/Gmail accounts on their own, as the current practice opens both us and our end-users to easily preventable security vulnerabilities. 
Effective 12/10/2019, any requests for new G Suite/Gmail accounts, or for the deletion of existing accounts, must be handled by our support department. This will let us ensure accounts are managed in a consistent manner and eliminate a number of potential security and account management risks. Simply shoot us an email at support@infonetx.com or call us at 1-614-878-2006, and we will be happy to add or delete Gmail accounts for you as needed.  
We are making this change across the board for all of our G Suite customers, and are confident that in the long run it will result in better service and increased security for all.