INFOPAGE Forms System

Posted May 2007

The INFOPAGE forms imaging system generates actual forms as it prints Quotes, Invoices, Rental Invoices, Purchase Orders and Statements on a laserjet-compatible page printer. INFOPAGE eliminates the need for pre-printed forms thereby reducing forms stocking problems.
Here’s how it works. First, we typeset the equivalent of your existing pre-printed forms as an electronic black and white image and load them into your system. Then, as the system is asked to print a given form, it first sends the electronic image to the laser printer, followed by the actual data to be printed on that image. The end result is a perfect reproduction of the actual form you would have printed on pre-printed continuous forms. Single or multi-copy printing is available, if desired. These images can be printed on any compatible laserjet page printer.

What better printer to print on than Okidata’s OKIPAGE. With both entry-level black & white, and full-color high-speed duplexing printers, Okidata is a real bargain in the world of laser/page printers. Since a page printer uses only cut sheet single part copy paper, you’ll only need to stock that one type of paper. The convenience of not needing to stock multiple forms, and/or load various forms on a printer as needed makes this product a real time and aggravation saver.

NOTE: Point-Of-Sale/Delivery Tickets usually remain as simple, multi-part continuous forms. Since these forms are written on by sales/delivery personnel, and signed by the customer, you still have a need to retain the original of the signature, and give the customer a carbon copy. And, Payables checks, with their magnetic ink across the bottom of the check likewise still need to be pre-printed. But, they’re the only pre-printed forms you need to stock!

INFOPAGE will do away with the hassle of pre-printed forms once and for all!