New INFONETICS Customer in New Jersey

Posted April 2002

The Garden State has produced the latest addition to the INFONETICS roster of users. County Welding Supply in Wharton, New Jersey recently replaced their existing system with the latest version of INFONETICS software. Having previously served as an executive with the incumbent software vendor, Steve Lash of County knew exactly what he was looking for when he called INFONETICS. We were glad to oblige.

Started in 1962 by Steve’s father Sid Lash, County Welding Supply continues to serve as one of the last independent distributors in Northern New Jersey. Running three route trucks over a 25 to 30 mile radius in and around Morris, Passaic, and Sussex counties, the folks at County Welding Supply have made their mark by offering consistent, personalized service that is often lacking in the large, national suppliers. That commitment to the customer is something that County prides itself on and plans to continue well into the future. After 40 years in the welding supply & gas business, we hope the addition of INFONETICS helps keep County in the business for decades to come.

INFONETICS is glad to welcome County Welding Supply Company as another member of ever-growing family of users! It’s individuals like Steve, Sid, Russ, Tracy and the other fine people at County that continue to make INFONETICS the industry leader in software systems for the independent welding supply & gas distributor!