New Payroll Features Debut

Posted January 1998

For the first time in quite a while, we’ve added a number of substantial feature enhancements to our Payroll software system. Here’s a taste of what’s available;

1) Topping off the list of enhancements are the new tax caps on certain types of withholdings like FICA Social Security, and all unemployment taxes.

2) We’ve also added the ability to compute and track “employer side expenses” like the matching FICA taxes, as well as Federal and State unemployment taxes.

3) A wonderful new “Payroll Tax Report” has been created to report all these new tax withholdings and expenses in a usable format, including the new “Taxable Basis” information used to compute tax caps. Use this one report now to get the information necessary for all the various tax filings! Other little enhancements to the reports include recapping the report parameters/restrictors on the output so it’s clear which period and/or department the report is for.

4) To make posting of paychecks easier, we’ve added a default Subsidiary and State code to each employee’s master record. Once these have been established, the system will automatically choose which branch his/her pay is expensed to. Don’t worry though, the operator may still override this default choice.

The software enhancement is available free of charge as part of our latest release; version 2.19. Just give us a call so we can download it to your system.


The 1998 Federal payroll withholding tables have been updated to reflect this years new indexing and standard deduction. The new payroll tables can be used on any version of INFONETICS payroll software, and is available free of charge to registered customers. Just call our tech support department after your last 1997 payroll is done, and before your 1st 1998 payroll. We’ll be glad to download it.