Service Charge Invoices

Posted July 1996

A recent software enhancement permits the printing of actual Service Charge Invoices as they are calculated/created by the Create Service Charge program. This new invoice should draw the customers attention perhaps better than a simple reference to a service charge on the existing statement. Furthermore, large corporations sometimes require an actual invoice, with its own invoice number, in order to enter it into their accounts payable system for payment.
The program will now generate a separate invoice, printed on either plain paper with computer generated headings, or on a new form if desired, that can be mailed to the customer.

A second enhancement has been made to the program titled Update Database (Y/N). This permits the calculation and printing of Service Charge Invoices WITHOUT actually saving them in the database. Some folks feel this saves the hassle of having to write-off unpaid service charges at a later date, by simply not saving them in the database in the first place. Of course, if/when service charges are paid by the customer, a transaction will have to be manually created in the Accounts Receivables to which the payment can be applied.

As with all our software enhancements, just give us a call if you’d like it and we’ll download it to your system via modem.