The New Guys (Fred and Greg)

Posted September 2002

Frederick L. Scheltz, Shipping/Receiving

Fred has worked on electronic equipment while serving the USAF for 5 years. His professional career was with NCR Corp, for 27 years, as a Computer Repairman (back in the days when computers still had vacuum tubes) and Technical Writer.

Counting himself among the “retired, but not yet ready to retire” group, Fred now stays out of trouble by manning INFONETICS’ shipping/receiving and inventory control department. In his off hours, Fred’s interests include golf, watching his son play softball, attending church, reading books, and participating heavily in the good works of the Knights of Columbus.


Gregory D. Sidelinger, PC/Network Tech

Greg is a keyboard sling’ng, code writing, system admin’ng computer geek. He can’t recall a time when there was not a computer in front of him. As a graduate of Penn State (go Buckeyes!) he received his Bachelors of Science in Management Information Systems and got his first real job with INFONETICS shortly after graduating. When he is not at work he can be found in front of one of his many systems learning something new about computers.