Version 2.19 Ready to Rock and Roll

Posted January 1998

Our latest software version, ver.2.19, released this past summer to rave reviews (no kidding, many customers have actually raved about it), is out in full distribution. Last count had over two-thirds of our customers having already upgraded. To our recollection, this is the highest percentage reached with a major release, in the shortest period of time. Our hats are off to all of you who have been so prompt in keeping up with the latest and greatest software we have to offer.

For those of you that have been dragging your feet, NOW’S THE TIME! Call us right away to arrange your update. And, as you all know, our software upgrade policy is; the new software features are FREE, you only pay for our cost in delivering the software to you (typically a few hours of consulting time on the modem). I know it’s hard to believe, but there is no annual software maintenance fee to worry about. So you have no excuse not to call.