When Buying a Server, INFONETICS Should Be Your Only Choice

Posted January 2007

The INFONETICS server is the specially designed center of your business network and care should be taken to make sure that above all else this piece of equipment works properly. Unlike many pieces of equipment such as personal computers, printers, and laptops, the server is not a universal piece of equipment and does require the research and development efforts of INFONETICS personnel. Many companies sell the same components that make up the INFONETICS server, but none of them come out of the box prepared to run the INFONETICS software suite and to handle your business needs. Below are the top five reasons to only consider INFONETICS for your server.

1. The INFONETICS server has been specifically designed and tested to run the INFONETICS software suite and work with the Red Hat Linux operating system.

Our technicians spend countless hours selecting the proper components to power your server, testing and configuring those parts, and making sure that the server is capable of meeting the demands of INFONETIC’S customers. What is often not seen when comparing the cost of the INFONETICS server to a like server from Dell, Hewlett-Packard, or some other computer giant is the research and development time that goes into ensuring that INFONETICS server is ready to work upon arrival at a customer’s location. When presented with a non-INFONETICS server and asked to make it work, an INFONETICS technician is essentially being asked to start the research and development process all over again with the foreign machine. At $150 an hour, it does not take much time for the non-INFONETICS server bought at a cheaper rate to easily exceed the price of a new INFONETICS server simply because our technicians are asked to recreate the wheel. The worst part is that there is no guarantee that the non-INFONETICS server will be suitable to run our software, thus possibly wasting both time and money in the process.

2. INFONETICS is only a phone call away for instant server support.

You know the INFONETICS personnel. You have spoken with us for years on the telephone, have welcomed us into your offices to install equipment or train your employees, and have seen us at trade shows and INFOGROUPS. You know our phone number and it is the only one you have to call for all of your support needs. The person who selected your server components, tested your machine, and boxed it up for shipping is likely to be the same person you speak to when you are in need of server support. How many other companies know your system that closely? What you might find instead with other companies is that you are forced to sit on hold for long periods of time, are being supported from a location overseas causing possible communication difficulties, have to be elevated from one level of support to the next to get anywhere, and are never able to continue a support related issue with the same personnel with which you started.

3. Loaner servers are available immediately from INFONETICS.

If it is determined in the course of speaking with our support staff that you need to have your machine serviced by sending it to our facility, INFONETICS will overnight ship a loaner server to you at no charge other than the shipping cost. This is a service only available to customers who have purchased servers from INFONETICS. Because server downtime impacts an entire company, this service is invaluable and reason enough to buy your server from INFONETICS.

4. INFONETICS will never “oversell” technology to your company.

The demands put on a business server are quite different than those put on a typical personal computer and therefore have hardware needs that are quite different. The Red Hat Linux operating system and the INFONETICS software suite do not carry the same demands a Windows PC has for hard drive space, memory and other internal components. Because we are only concerned with building a business machine that is fast, efficient, and reliable, you will never see INFONETICS peddling “buzz word” technology when unnecessary.

5. Transitioning from an old server is much easier with INFONETICS

Nobody knows your INFONETICS system like INFONETICS. When upgrading from an older server (INFONETICS or not) the migration and configuration of your existing data is of the utmost importance. In addition, this work needs to be done at a time when the system is quiet (preferably before or after hours) and downtime needs to be minimized. Buying an INFONETICS server allows us to make a smooth, seamless transition between the old and the new and avoid having to involve a third party server vendor should some problem arise.

INFONETICS servers are built for reliability, but every 4-5 years you should consider upgrading your server. If you have any questions about your server, the new line of INFONETICS servers, or any other hardware & software please contact an INFONETICS representative today.