Customer Support FAQ

What's the Best Way to Contact Support?

When you need INFONETICS customer support, you can get it by phone (1.614.875.2006) or by email (

How Quickly Will My Call Be Taken?

During business hours we respond to customer support calls as soon as we can, on a first-come, first-served basis. But we also recognize that in some cases, every minute counts. That’s why we offer Expedited Service for those times when you feel an issue needs immediate attention. For an additional fee, expediting moves your issue to the top of the priority list, and guarantees a speedy response. (Support calls outside of our normal business hours are automatically expedited when immediate response is required.)

What Happens When I Call/Email Support?

The first thing we do when we take your call or email is open a Support Ticket. Support tickets keep track of our efforts to resolve your specific issues and requests, and help us keep everyone in the loop. (That’s why it’s important to hit REPLY ALL when replying to any support emails you get from us.)  We open a support ticket for each separate issue/request you make, even if the issues are reported during the same conversation. This helps us make sure each separate issue is adequately tracked and resolved. 

How are Support Tickets Billed?

Whether it takes us two minutes or two hours to address the issue, we bill each customer support ticket for the value provided at our standard quarterly-hour rate based on the time spent addressing and resolving the specific issue. Support is billed in fifteen-minute increments, with a minimum charge for a quarter-hour. 

Is a Support Charge Discount Available?

Discounts to our standard hourly service rate are available with prepaid service in blocks of 10, 25, 75, and 150 hours — give us a call or an email for details.