INFONETICS and Datacor

INFONETICS is pleased to announce it has been acquired by Datacor.

Datacor acquired INFONETICS in July, 2021. With the acquisition, INFONETICS became part of the Datacor family of companies, and we continue to operate as a distinct business. Only now, we have the resources of a larger company backing us up.


What does this mean for our customers?

It’ll be business as usual for our customers. The INFONETICS products and services they use now aren’t going anywhere.  We continue selling and supporting INFORRMS, web hosting, VoIP systems, Video Surveillance systems, Google Workspace, virus protection, network monitoring — everything.


What does this mean for INFONETICS?

The team you’re familiar with is still here, working hard being your Trusted Tech Partner. INFONETICS President David J. Frea continues as the hands-on powerhouse behind INFONETICS.

We remain headquartered in Grove City, OH, with branch offices in Cincinnati and Texas. Our name, phone numbers, and email addresses aren’t changing, and neither is our website, which continues to be at


Who is Datacor?

Datacor is a leading provider of software that helps businesses maximize productivity, use data as a competitive advantage, and drive smarter business growth.

They offer state of the art Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), integrated mobile applications, e-commerce, credit-card payment features, and Data with Depth™.

Founded in 1981, Datacor has over 700 customers, and is based in Florham Park, New Jersey. In 2019, Datacor acquired TrackAbout, and ChemStation in 2021.


Why Datacor?

Planning for the continued growth and success of INFONETICS’s products, services, and team, INFONETICS president David J. Frea looked at the marketplace and found Datacor offered the best option for helping us take our customers to the next level. Datacor has a rock-solid commitment to INFONETICS’s customers and team. Joining the Datacor family expands the resources and product platforms available to us so we can serve our customers better.


Does this mean I’ll have to switch from INFORRMS?

Not at all. We’re committed to continued sales and support of INFORRMS — and so is Datacor. No one will be forced to stop using INFORRMS, or to upgrade Datacor’s ERP, CRM, and TrackAbout platforms. For those customers who do decide to upgrade, INFONETICS will be with you at every step.


Will your billing model change?

We are likely to add a Software-as-a-Service model for INFORRMS, but as an alternative, not replacement, of any existing terms.


Are you implementing service contracts?

Only as an alternative option where customers prefer a predictable, budgeted, fixed price.


Are you changing prices and fees?

All INFONETICS pricing practices and billing practices remain the same.