The Product

  • Full multi-user, multi-tasking capabilities are included in this LINUX based software system. Any program can be run from any terminal or personal computer connected to the system. The printing of reports can be run in the background while you move on to other tasks.
  • All software systems are menu driven, fully integrated, and functionally consistent (some with mouse touch capabilities) with each other. Skills learned in one software subsystem are directly transferable to other subsystems.
  • Data security is provided through the menu security system. Each user is assigned a menu layout that defines which programs they are allowed to run and what capabilities are enabled. Every user must identify themself with a logon ID and password.
  • A custom database management system is used for storing information, and includes complete general purpose database maintenance utilities.
  • ALL reports can be directed to any printer, print queue, monitor/screen, integrated fax software, email or PDF preview (if installed). When any report is run, the operator is informed of its completion. Each report includes the initials of the operator who generated it, page numbering, header and footer titles on each page and the date and time of the run. Where appropriate, the titles define the “As Of” date. Furthermore, any screen in the system can be printed on the printer by hitting one key.

Customization Included

  • All software packages are sold as complete customized systems.

On-Site Training

  • Training will be conducted at your office and by alternative means. It is INFONETICS requirement to provide complete training so as to reduce future support issues and questions. Installation and training charges are detailed in a separate quotation.

Documentation Included

  • Each software system includes one copy of full documentation to be studied by the customer prior to installation. Additional copies are available for purchase.

Source Code Included

  • All SOURCE CODE created by INFONETICS to develop the software is included. The intention is to provide the capability for you to maintain and continue to develop the software systems if you so choose. A licensing agreement, however, restrains you from selling copies of the software to other companies. INFONETICS cannot warranty any software that has been modified.

Hardware Software Price and Terms

  • Specific hardware and software components will be selected based on your company’s size and expected growth. Configuration and testing of the equipment by INFONETICS personnel is included in the cost of the hardware. Complete software development, customization and documentation is included in the price of each software package.
  • Payment terms for initial hardware orders require a down-payment upon order with the balance due upon delivery. Software payment is due only upon acceptance and approval of each individual module.
  • INFONETICS offers lease programs through third parties.
  • All hardware and software costs are detailed in a separate quotation.

Other Charges

  • Additional charges may be applied for site preparation (electrical and communications wiring), data conversion programming (on an hourly basis), installation/training (on a per hour basis), sales tax, freight, consumable supplies and extraordinary travel expenses (airfare and car rental)

Hardware Maintenance

  • INFONETICS makes no recommendation for or against hardware maintenance contracts. Many third party hardware maintenance companies offer maintenance contracts for most computer systems.
  • INFONETICS provides enhancements, trouble shooting, and free software upgrades to its customers. A charge of $180.00 per hour may be levied as needed to cover our expenses incurred in the delivery of these upgrades. Most upgrades are performed over the Internet. If INFONETICS has to make an on site visit to install/train there may be an hourly charge levied.
  • All hardware represented by INFONETICS carries original manufacturer’s warranties (usually 1 year). During this period, INFONETICS will provide diagnostic and repair assistance via telephone and at our facilities.

Software Maintenance

  • INFORRMS is guaranteed to perform according to its documentation. However, no liability for errors of omission or consequential damages will be accepted.


  • INFONETICS has been developing computer software systems for small and medium sized businesses since the late 1970’s.