Can Your PBX Do This?

Posted April 2020

It’s 3:23 in the afternoon, on a Sunday, and your extension rings. Maybe it’s a supplier, or a customer needing a rush order. But you’re not at the office. Do you miss the call?

Not with a 3CX VoIP (Voice Over Internet) phone system from INFONETICS, you don’t.

Your office desk phone is ringing, but so is the deskphone at your home office, the 3CX app on your iPhone, and the 3CX app on your Windows PC. You can pick it up anywhere you are and take the call — or ignore it, and let it go to voicemail, since it is your day off, after all. 3CX gives you options other PBX systems don’t, or can’t.

A 3CX VoIP phone system from INFONETICS replaces your current landline-based phone system with a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective Internet-based, remote-work friendly solution, backed by INFONETICS’s legendary support.

With 3CX VoIP, you can do everything you can do with your old landline-based PBX, and so much more, all while reducing your overall telecom costs with affordable service packages based on how many lines you have, not how many phones or extensions.

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