INFONETICS — Your Trusted Tech Partner

Posted May 2020

Is your business prepared for the new normal?

As businesses throughout the country slowly begin to reopen, we hope, and even pray, that we won’t see a second pandemic wave. But even if we don’t, we all know we’re not going back to the normal we left behind just two months ago. The new normal is workers (or owners) who are in vulnerable populations, who are nervous about going back to work around others, or need to work from home to look after kids or loved ones. Now is the time to prepare for that new normal with important technologies from INFONETICS, your Trusted Tech Partner.

  • Voice over Internet Phones (VoIP) – Your deskphone is one of the most valuable business tools you have. Put a second deskphone at home and share the same extension, voice-mail, inbound & outbound calling.
  • Productivity Suites – Google G-Suites for Business is more than just best-of-breed email. It’s also shared file storage, calendaring, video meetings, text and group chats, maps, word processing & spreadsheets. Make anyone a mobile warrior with access from laptop, tablet, and cellphones.
  • INFOBOOK’s and INFOPAD’s – Tired of managing your life on two or more computers? Merge both your work persona and home persona into a new laptop or tablet, with connections to your INFONETICS INFORRMS system built-in. Even the I:\drive file server is now available on home-based/mobile networks.
  • Electronic Handwriting and Signature Capture – Go paperless and streamline your processes by letting customers sign for deliveries right on your INFOBOOK or INFOPAD with iWrite. Fully integrated with INFORRMS using your cellular connection or WiFi hotspot.
  • Surveillance Cameras – Need to check in on the safety and security of your store, offices, or yard? Commercial grade 4K cameras with 24×7 recordings are saved for months and are easily accessible on your INFOBOOK, INFOPAD, or Android/iPhone.
  • Websites – Your new front door. It’s not just work-from-home employees that are cautious venturing into businesses. Your customers, especially those with vulnerable families at home, may stay away and opt for on-line interaction. Beef up your online presence with a new, mobile-ready, state-of-the-art website.
  • Antivirus – It seems like a pandemic brings out the hackers, and worse. Protect all the PC’s in your network, be they traditional in-office PCs, or home-bound employee equipment, from viruses, malware, and spyware.
  • Network Monitoring – Now more than ever we’re much more dependent on our internet connectivity. Proactive monitoring will alert INFONETICS’s legendary support team of a problem, even before you or your staff encounters.

No one can predict the future, except that it will be different. INFONETICS, your Trusted Tech Partner, has the expertise, experience, and proven technology solutions to help your business adapt and stay open in this new normal, and the next, whatever it may be. Call us today at 614-875-2006 or email