Dustin Down Under

Posted May 2001

In an effort to increase international sales, our newest employee, Dustin Frea, will be spending three weeks in Australia this summer.

Okay, we wish! Dustin is actually part of a select group of people from Central Ohio that will be traveling to Australia this summer. He was recently accepted into the People to People Student Ambassador Program. Founded in 1957 by President Eisenhower, People to People was created to help work towards world peace. Today, it has become a nonprofit organization that sends students around the world to meet new people, share cultural nuances and form lifelong friendships.

In the past weeks, Dustin has been doing much to prepare for his departure, such as raising money for the trip (still on-going), and learning more about Australia. We all hope that Dustin will have a wonderful time (without causing a diplomatic incident) and maybe make a few sales for INFONETICS along the way. His Mom and Dad are looking forward to doing an installation down-under too!