From the President’s Console: April 1996

Posted April 1996

Greetings. Last month, we leaked the word that we’re starting on a new major software release. Now for a peek at some of the things we’re thinking about;

First up is an attempt to port our software to SCO’s latest (and theoretically greatest) version of the UNIX operating system; Release 5 (code named Everest). We’ll also be implementing a new optimizing compiler, targeted specifically for specific 486, Pentium, and upcoming Pentium-Pro Central Processors Units. The goal is faster and more efficient software running on your existing systems.

While we’re busy porting, we’ll also be looking at porting to a true single-user DOS/Windows/Windows’95 version for our very smallest of prospective customers. And, we’ll be looking at porting to IBM’s RS6000 processor running their version of UNIX (called AIX). While this may take the better part of the summer, it should significantly broaden our software line both upwards and downwards.

Of course, most of our attention will go towards our main line Accounting software. New features on the table include; expanding the Customer State/Tax code to six characters, adding Vendor’s Alternate Part Numbers to Inventory Control, further E.D.I. integration, and better integration between Purchasing and the Serial Number and Cylinder Control Systems. (At this point it’s looking more like a full summer and fall’s worth of work!)

But hey, that’s what we’re here for. We’ve become known for our leading edge software. From Handheld systems for Serial Number tracking, to integrated Fax software, to INFONET PC integration, to our newest INFOACCESS imaging products. We’ll keep pushing outward on the envelope, so that you can keep your edge as well.

If you have any polite suggestions about which projects you’d like to see us move on, or would like to volunteer as a beta testing partner on something, give us a call so we can sign you up.

Finally, welcome to Brian and his gang at R & M Welding Products in Wilder, Kentucky. We’re pleased to have you aboard.

–David J. Frea