From the President’s Console: April 1997

Posted April 1997


Substantial progress is once again being made in programming for our upcoming Version 2.19 software release. Recent enhancements include the implementation of a General Ledger lock feature that prevents any changes in prior period data once it has been updated to the G/L. Also, automatic creating of transfer orders, similar in nature to our automatic purchase order creation, is also complete and entering beta testing. Hopefully, things will stay calm around here for just a little longer so we can put the finishing touches on the release and get it out in distribution before long.

We’re also making great headway in getting PC/Workstation projects going at a number of customer sites. Exciting new networking projects are coming up and laying quite a nice foundation for our upcoming Internet strategy. Speaking of which, if you haven’t seen our web site lately, take a look at it at Newsletters, literature, and other great goodies are being added all the time.

Remember, once again Springtime is on us, and so are the thunderstorms. If you haven’t checked your system over lately, maybe now’s the time. Make sure all terminals/printers are plugged into high quality surge protectors (ISOBARS). Also, make sure all communications cables are attached to actual devices. As you know, a comm cable plugged into the main computer, but not attached at the remote end to a terminal or printer, acts as a great lightning rod, straight into the heart of your system. Get ’em unplugged if they’re not being used. While you’re at it, it’s probably a good time to check that CPU fan inside your system again to make sure it’s still keeping your CPU cool.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Dan & Denise at Shoreline Compressed Gas, in North Haven Connecticut, as new customers. Welcome aboard!

–David J. Frea