From the President’s Console: May 1997

Posted May 1997

News from Grove City;

Software development on our next major software release, Version 2.19, has really picked up speed. Programming has been completed to resolve all Year 2000 issues, as well as numerous other programming enhancements. And, a 2nd beta site test company has been launched to help us debug these changes. All went smoothly, so it’s on to programming the final phase of the release now. And yes, I can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel on this release (faint as it might be). I’d like to specially thank both of our beta test partners for their extra efforts and assistance.

In new Internet developments; after much study, discussion, consultation, and research, we’ll shortly begin the construction of our own Internet Web Server. We’ll base it on Santa Cruz Operations (SCO) Internet Faststart Server. As some of you may know, this is the next in the line of SCO Unix server platforms.

Much consideration was given though to Microsoft’s Windows NT, Sun’s Solaris, and Linux (a shareware version of Unix) platforms. However, as we are indeed a SCO-UNIX applications software company, and furthermore as all of you have purchased SCO-UNIX systems from us, this seems like the best long-term choice.

We’ll let you know how it goes though. We are anticipating quite an interesting struggle to learn and deploy all the new software involved here. But, that’s what being in the computer business is all about, isn’t it?

Other Internet developments; Keep a close eye on our web site, as this month we’ll be unveiling a quite interesting “About Us” page ( Names, job descriptions, pictures, and e-mail address on all our personnel will be available here (and done up in quite an unusual fashion). Again, if you can’t get to the Internet, call us the old fashioned way (614-875-2006), and let us get you connected with your own PC/Workstation and Internet access.

This month I’d like to welcome Jim, Laurie, Ed and Don from Danes Welding Supplies in Ontario, NY as new customers.

Finally, in the category of “am I daft”; Mothers day weekend once again brings up the now famous (at least in this column) Tour Of The Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) bicycle ride from downtown Columbus, Ohio to Portsmouth, Ohio (210 miles overall). My wife Mary and I are both registered (along with 4,100 other riders) for this event, and we’re praying for better weather (no wind please), and fewer mechanical difficulties. We’ll see if I can make it up the stairs to my office Monday morning! 

–David J. Frea