From the President’s Console: August 1996

Posted August 1996


INFOACCESS continues to grow in both installations, and content. As you’ll find on the back page, we’re making substantial headway on the publishing of MSDS’s (which is, after all, where the whole INFOACCESS concept got its start).

On the hardware front, we’re continuing to beat our heads on the new Pentium Pro motherboard/processor. We’ve tested and rejected one motherboard so far, and a second is in test even as this is written. Early benchmarking results though are extremely positive, offering at least a doubling in speed over our existing Pentium models! Stay tuned for more definitive word next month.

And yes, for those of you interested, this time my wife Mary and I did make it all the way to Cincinnati and back (190 miles in all), on the CC Classic bicycle tour last month. No broken bike parts, or dramatic life’s story to tell this time. And, thanks to those of you who donated to the American Cancer Society on our behalf.

Finally, I’d like to welcome Michael, Bob, Ron, Bev, and Barb at Zakoor Novelty Co. in Livonia, Michigan as new customers. It’s nice to have you aboard!

–David J. Frea