New INFOFAX Software Update

Posted August 1996

We’ve recently made some rather significant enhancements to our INFOFAX software package, and felt you’d like to know about them.

First, we’ve implemented a new version of the Trufax software used as the low level transport. This has improved the transmission/completion rate to some of the more finicky fax machines in this world. Reports have it that it has significantly reduced the headaches of incomplete and/or duplicate transmissions. In fact, in our testing, we discovered that a multi-page transmission interrupted mid-stream will pick up on the next re-dial attempt with the page it left off on, instead of starting over with the first page. Good job Trufax!

Second, we’ve replaced the Fax Transmission Log with an individual file maintained for each fax that is queued up. These individual files contain the original cover sheet information and eventual transmission completion status that was formerly found in the Fax Transmission Log, but nicely sorted and presented together for each individual fax. This makes it remarkably easier to check the status of each fax.

Finally, we generally spruced up the menus, titles and presentation of the entire INFOFAX menu/programs, making an already extremely popular software package even better!

If you’d like an updated version just give us a call, we’ll be glad to send out a new software tape. And, if you don’t already have our INFOFAX package, what are you waiting for? It is easily one of the most exciting pieces of the entire INFONETICS software offerings, and we’re ready and waiting to get INFOFAX ready to work for you too.