From The President’s Console: August 1997

Posted August 1997

The dog days of summer are here.

My travels this past month have taken me for the first time to visit a number of our customers on the East Coast. It was a pleasure seeing and meeting all of them, and it gave me a chance to install our new software upgrade a number of times. I’m happy to report the upgrades went off without a hitch, and are meeting with rave reviews.

With nearly a dozen upgrades under our belts we’re quickly approaching the point where we’ll be comfortable sending out updates on tape. Just a little more spit and polish needed to get it ready.

This month has also seen some breakthroughs on our Internet projects. First, I mentioned some neat stuff we’ve done to the “About Us” page on our website a couple of months ago. If you haven’t looked at it yet, check it out (, it really is quite interesting.

We’ve also finally been sucessful at launching a new SCO-UNIX machine as our Internet Gateway. We’re using SCO’s latest release of Open Server 5.0.4, code named “Comet”, with Netscape’s Fastrack web server and Proxy server as our primary access point to the internet. Frankly, it was a bit more of a struggle to get it going than it should have been, but that seems to be par for the course when dealing with SCO. On the otherhand, I’m rather impressed with the stability and performance of the end result. And, I’m still holding out hope that this extra effort will allow us to deploy, for many of our customers, a single machine solution hosts not only our accounting software, but also internet access/services.

We still have e-mail and security issues to resolve, but we’re making real progress on our Internet strategies; day by day, one step at a time.

I’m scheduled to make another couple of rounds installing software upgrades, so here’s to seeing you ’round, on the road again! 

–David J. Frea