Version 2.19 Update Available

Posted July 1997

Numerous new features have been added to the INFONETICS Accounting Software suite in our latest release; version 2.19. Some of the more notable features include;


Support for the YEAR 2000 has been added throughout the system, including the O.S. and compensation for abnormal year 2000 leap-year calculation.

Updated compilor to SCO-UNIX. This breaks a formidable programming barrier associated with the older SCO-Xenix compilor, and allowed us to once again add features, even to some of our largest programs without the inconvenience of splitting up the programs into separate modules.

Database Enhancements; Expanded number of concurrent users, and other speed improvements.


Expanded State/Tax Jurisdiction field to 6 characters for more logical state/county/city tax coding scheme.

Added “Maximum Days Old” field to each customer’s master record so warnings in Post Orders/Invoices can be tailored to each customer’s circumstances. And, removed the performance problems associated with the “Old Unpaid A/R” warning, making it instantaneous.

New “Price Order (Y/N)” flag to force prices to print on delivery tickets on a customer-by-customer basis regardless of invoice date.


Added new “Vendor Information” containing 10 lines of vendor information per part including; Their Part ID (UPC/barcode), Last Cost and Purchase Date. Their Part ID prints on purchase orders, and can be now uploaded from price diskettes.

Expanded pricing/costing to a fourth decimal place. And, pricing/costing decimals can be varied from 0 to 4 digits on a part by part basis.

Integrated editing of “ccPart” and “snPart” Files.

“Inventory Re-Order Reports”: New option to automatically create transfer orders (similar to automatic P.O. creation feature).


Added new “Driver” field, On-Screen display of customers aging schedule, and more descriptive line-item and overall profit margin display.

New Inventory Part View Screens method to allow viewing ALL parts, only OPEN parts, or only those parts which have been PURCHASED by the customer.


New “Receivables Notes” Feature providing ability to tag optional 60-char note line onto each transaction in “Edit Receivables Data”. Then, this note line will show on View Screens, Agings, Inquirys and Journals if present.


New “Lockout” feature to prevent data from being changed in prior periods after it’s been updated to the G/L.