From the President’s Console August 2000

Posted August 2000

OK, I put it in writing last month; I’m planning on running the Columbus Marathon this coming October. Now, I’ve re-stated it so I HAVE to do it! Thanks to all of you for your words of encouragement and support. And no, I’m not daft, just a middle-aged man trying to stay in shape. Besides, the time I put in training is some of the best programming time I get. I only wish I could type the code in as fast as I come up with it while I’m running.

This past month has spawned some interesting new hardware and software developments. First, we’ve developed support for our first ethernet Print Server. This nifty little device allows any printer (most notably INFOPAGE capable laser printers) to be attached directly to your Local Area Network instead of being driven from a PC or your INFONETICS Unix server. This allows higher transmission speeds, and greater flexibility deploying network printers in remote branches.

And speaking of remote branches; we’ve rolled out a truly remarkable set of communications devices that can carry standard serial I/O traffic, ethernet IP LAN traffic, and voice traffic over Frame Relay lines. That’s a real mouthful. What it translates to in english is the ability to put dumb terminals and printers, INFOTERM/PC’s and even telephone voice links to your branches all over relatively inexpensive Frame Relay telephone lines. This new era of Wide Area Networking (WAN) promises to turn your remote branch offices into the equivalent of just another cubicle in your main facility. Everyone shares 1) the same INFONETICS UNIX server, terminals and printers for your legacy information processing needs, 2) laser printers, PC files and Internet Access through the Wide Area Networking, and 3) telephone and/or intercom voice capabilities. Imagine being able to intercom your co-worker in a remote branch store to discuss a customers needs, then share a quotation/proposal you typed in Microsoft Word, and finally, print the actual quotation entered on your INFONETICS Unix server on their INFOPAGE laser printer. It’s all possible now with our new Frame Relay Access Device (FRAD) offerings!

I’d like to welcome Irish Welding Supply in Buffalo, NY as a new customer. Their three divisions; Irish Welding Supply, Irish Propane, and Red Diamond Carbonic specialize in welding supply, industrial gas, home heating propane and carbonic systems in the Buffalo and Rochester, NY areas. Welcome aboard to Bob & Irene, Pam, Vickie, and their entire staff!

–David J Frea