From the President’s Console: September 2000

Posted September 2000

Here’s an update from the marathon training front. This past weekend, I ran in the Columbus Half Marathon. As its name suggests, it’s a 13.3 mile run around Alum Creek reservoir in the northwest Columbus, OH area. I completed the run in just over 2 hours. And at this point, I have no idea how I’m going to complete the full Columbus Marathon (26.6 miles) on October 29th. But if any characteristic defines me, it’s that I’m “doggedly persistent”, so I guess I’ll tough it out.

INFONETICS has enjoyed over the years some of the most satisfied and happy customers in the industry. We’re the only software company I know of that routinely publishes a complete, un-edited list of its customers in its standard set of literature delivered to new prospective customers. Rather than rest on our laurels though, we’re determined to keep pushing the envelope in terms of customer support and service. Look for a new series of initiatives here at INFONETICS rolling out over the next couple of months. We’ve been engaged in a self review project that we’ve nicknamed “raving fans”, designed to spotlight areas of our procedures and/or policies that can be improved. The first of these projects takes the form of a feedback survey, included at the end of this newsletter, and most likely future newsletters.

You’ll also see this feedback survey on your fax machine from time to time as we’ll be sending it out after many of the support calls we receive are completed. We encourage you to fill out and fax back this survey to let us know how you felt about the service or support you received.