Have You Talked to Phyllis Lately

Posted September 2000

We often hear of only the problems here at INFONETICS. Although a large part of our day is devoted to helping customers through difficult software/hardware problems, it is nice every now and then to hear from you when we do an exceptional job. Following is an excerpt from a letter we recently received from one of our customers:

Just a quick note to let you know how we feel about Phyllis Young. Too often when people do a good job it is never mentioned and we feel the need to bring to your attention how very much she has helped us. No call has ever gone without answer and no question evaded. She never makes you feel insignificant or unimportant. Customer service is not an easy job and she is performing superbly. Thank you for having such a great staff member on board.

The question is, are you utilizing Phyllis?? Phyllis runs our Alabama office where she handles most of our software support calls. She also occasionally travels to customers sites to do software installations and training. Phyllis worked on an INFONETICS system for over a year before joining our staff in June of 1993. INFONETICS has made quite substantial investments in having her available to assist you, our customers. So give her a call!