From the President’s Console: January 1999

Posted January 1999

Registration is well under way for our first ever INFOGROUP meetings.  If you missed it in last month’s newsletter, or didn’t get Jeff’s call over the last few weeks, we’ve scheduled our first ever pair of INFOGROUP “Users Group” meetings for February and March in conjunction with the NWSA Spring Management Conferences.  It’s a four hour meeting held on the arrival day of the NWSA conference, and we’ll be focusing on the PC Networking, Internet Access, Internet Strategies, and our vision of Electronic Commerce on the Internet.  We’ve moved back the registration deadline to February 5th, so check out the registration form in this month’s newsletter, and fax it to us right away if you’d like to attend.

We’re also glad to hear comments about these new meetings, including suggestions for topics to cover, location, timing, and any other ideas you have that may help us serve your needs better.  While we won’t be able to accommodate everyone’s favorite topic or meeting location, we’re certainly interested in making these meetings as productive and beneficial as possible to as wide a range of the INFONETICS community as possible.

An update on our new building.  Early this month we successfully made it through “closing” on the contracts, and an official ground breaking ceremony is scheduled for early February.  The builder says completion date is still July 31, and we’re still hopeful….

We’re also polishing off the final details on a new PC/Workstation model.  Looks like it’ll be a 333 megahertz, Pentium II/Celeron system with 32 megabyte RAM, 6.4 gigabyte hard drive, 15″ color monitor and sound/speakers, all for less than our earlier model.  What a deal!

Finally, I’d like to welcome Jim and Robbie at Schad & Pulte Welding Supply in Gainsville, TX and Billy and Duell at Oxygen Services in Macon, GA as new customers.  Glad to have you. 

–David J Frea