INFOPAGE Introduced

Posted December 1998

So it’s month end, and you go to the closet to get that last box of Statement forms and whoops, it’s not there. A quick call to Dawn at INFONETICS usually gets a fresh box on its way right away. But, you wonder, is there any way you could print up those forms yourself? Well the answer lies in a new software package INFONETICS is offering called INFOPAGE.

The INFOPAGE module can generate the actual forms image as it prints Invoices, Rental Invoices, P.O.’s and/or Statements on an HP laserjet compatible page printer. This eliminates the need for pre-printed forms thereby reducing forms stocking problems.

Here’s how it works. First, we typeset the equivalent of your existing preprinted forms as an electronic black and white image and load them into your system. Then as the system is asked to print a given form, it first sends the electronic image to the laser printer, followed by the actual data to be printed on that image. The end result is a perfect reproduction of the actual form you would have printed on pre-printed continuous forms. Single or multi-copy printing is available, if desired. And, these images can be printed on any Hewlett-Packard Laserjet 4 (or later) compatible page printer. Since a page printer uses only cut sheet single part copy paper, you’ll only need to stock that one type of paper.

One interesting note; Point-Of-Sale/Delivery Tickets must still be kept as simple, multi-part continuous forms. Since these forms are written on by sales/delivery personnel, and signed by the customer, you still have a need to retain the original of the signature, and give the customer a carbon copy. And, Payables checks, with their magnetic ink across the bottom of the check likewise still need to be pre-printed. But, they’re the only pre-printed forms you need stock!

From a per page economics standpoint, it’s a toss-up. Toner and consumable costs of laser/page printers generally run about the same as ribbon and pre-printed forms costs on dot-matrix forms printers. But, the convenience of not needing to stock multiple forms, and/or load various forms on a printer as needed makes this product a real time and aggravation saver.

And what better page printer to print on than Okidata’s new OKIPAGE 20DX. This 20 page per minute LED page printer boosts 600×1200 graphics resolution and a built-in duplexor. The duplexor can be configured to print on BOTH sides of the paper, greatly reducing the amount of paper you’d use for reports! And at less than $1400, it’s a real bargain in the world of laser/page printers.
Call now to order your copy of INFOPAGE, and do away with the hassle of pre-printed forms once and for all!