User Group Meetings Introduced

Posted December 1998

Since 1984, INFONETICS has built its reputation as one of the welding supply/industrial gas industry’s software leaders by focusing on one goal; satisfying our customers. We have provided exceptional (and free) technical support via phone, fax and e-mail, developed timely and meaningful software upgrades at a very minimal expense, and have tried to incorporate all useful enhancements to your systems when requested. While we here at INFONETICS have always believed that our technical expertise and support is second to none, that doesn’t mean that we’ve stopped looking for ways to better serve you. So as we head into our fifteenth year we have decided the time is here to launch the first INFONETICS’ USERS GROUP MEETING.

Prompted by the suggestions of many of our long time customers, and with the record number of customers that we currently support, we thought that the venue of the National Welding Supply Association (NWSA) Spring Management Conferences would be a perfect opportunity to gather our users together. The first of the USERS GROUP MEETINGS is scheduled to take place in Chicago, IL on Sunday, February 14th. The second of the two meetings is scheduled for Tuesday, March 30th in Boston, MA. While both meetings are still in the planning stages at this point, we can give you a few details.

As of now, we envision the meetings taking place on the arrival day of the respective NWSA conferences. In order to get the NWSA’s blessing we have promised run these meetings at a time that does not interfere with another scheduled event. Therefore, the meetings will probably start around 12 noon on arrival day. This would allow all attendees to also make it to the Presidents Reception on the opening night. We are currently working on other issues surrounding the meetings like, check-in time/arrangements, catered/buffet lunch, extra night’s accommodations, and things of that nature.

The agenda would include opening remarks from INFONETICS personnel, followed by our presentation of a major topic of interest. Initial indications are this year we’d review new developments in the Internet arena; discussing Internet Access, basic and advanced web sites, and our vision for electronic commerce with regards to the INFONETICS system in years to come. Time permitting, we’d wrap up with a short question and answer session.

We’re also interested in finding customers who’d be interested in being guest presenters. Some of you have developed quite an expertise in using our system in unique and interesting ways to solve problems that you’d like to share with fellow users.

Since these are YOUR meetings, we do need your input. If you have ideas, comments, questions, or suggestions for the USERS GROUP MEETINGS please call Marketing Specialist, Jeff Roope at (614) 875-2006. And if you have an interest in attending, please call or fax us a note so we can begin to gauge how much interest is out there. We need to hear from you in order to make these meetings a valuable asset to you and your business.

For those of you who might not be able to make these meetings, never fear. We will still be glad to hold our one-on-one users group meeting each and anytime we visit with you either in your office or over the phone!