From the President’s Console: June 1996

Posted June 1996

It’s been an interesting month!

First let me tell you about new developments on the Internet. We’ve gotten ourselves hooked up to the Internet and have been excitedly browsing the World Wide Web (WWW). And, we’ve registered our own domain name ( and hope to soon launch our own home page! E-mail capabilities should fall into place soon too. They say that the number of users on the Internet doubles every 45 DAYS, and the entire nature and purpose of the Internet redefines itself every three months. We’re excited to be a part of that change.

A new laptop graces the boss’ desk (mine), and with its 12.1″ screen, it promises to wind up on a few of your laps too. The screen is actually larger than a Televideo dumb terminal, and as functional as a full sized Windows workstation. Anyone seriously considering following our Windows 95 workstation strategy should give serious consideration to this new laptop. Look for a slick marketing piece in an upcoming newsletter.

In the INFONETICS Unix mainframe Accounting Software arena, all the pieces/parts are now gathered to begin the research and development of the newest SCO Unix Operating System software, Version 5.0 (code named Everest). We’re cautiously optimistic that this new O.S. alone will boost the performance of your current hardware.

EDI and other programming for our latest software release, Version 2.19, are also progressing.

— David J. Frea