From the President’s Console: May 1996

Posted May 1996

Springtime in central Ohio means another season of long distance bicycle rides has begun. It starts with a 50 mile ride last weekend, then a 100 mile ride this weekend, and culminates with the 210 mile Tour Of the Scioto River Valley (TOSRV) ride on Mothers Day weekend. It may sound nutty, but I enjoy it and the many hours of quiet think time these rides afford me. I just hope I can still walk when it’s all over. If so, look for me to do a sponsored charity ride for the American Cancer Society later this Summer.

Of course, all this quiet think time has me just itching to type in all the wondrous software enhancements I’ve concocted in my mind. Towards that end, I am now the proud owner of a brand new laptop, capable of supporting all the Operating System related enhancements I discussed in last month’s President’s Console. Loading and configuring are well under way, and I’ve cleared my travel schedule so I can focus most all of my attention on it.

In closing, I’d like to welcome Edwin, Rodney, Wayne, Ron, Mike and “Opie” of Robertson Welding and Construction Supply in Selma, Alabama as a new customer.

–David J. Frea